My Journey From a Public Sector Bank To redBus

So here I am writing about a shift from being a government officer to a software engineer. I graduated from IIT Rajasthan(Electrical Engg.) in august 2012 and due to my fate I got selected in a public sector bank through campus placement. This bank quoted a huge CTC in front of us. They included everything in that and we got baffled by looking at the quoted CTC and then I made a mood to join it. I appreciate Bank for taking such a good effort in our training in CBD belapur (Navi Mumbai) and one week in NIBM pune. We enjoyed a lot in our training and seriously I learnt a lot there and my presentation skills got a charm from being in dark. Then after training we all were posted at the individual branches. I got a posting in Indore (Madhya pradesh).  I thought that Bank hired IIT graduates for something worth but my feeling got changed when I laid my first step in that branch. There were lots of people and lots of noise everywhere. Then there was a guy sitting who was a typical Government servant. I reached to him and said all the necessary things and he told me with anger to sit and wait. Then I realized there was no respect for us. I came to know that I have to sign on vouchers and I have to fill documents and I have to do everything related to computers right from copy paste to sending mails. They don’t know how to send mails but it’s not the fault of them it’s about generation gap. So after graduating from IIT my job was to sign on vouchers. That was not the work I was looking for and on the very first day I made a mood to leave this place. I Somehow managed there for 7 months and I used to curse myself about joining this Bank every night. Then I studied hard and passed the interview for Redbus and I got selected for a post of software engineer there. Now I am very much concerned about me and my life and want to do something big in this field of software. I want to say about Bank that It helped me shaping my presentation skill but they had ruined the status of IIT’s.


  1. Soon, you will have to leave this Red bus and will search for another job. What an electrical engineer will do there?? You first choice was only for CTC not for Institution. In Bank many Clerks have reached to the position of ED of PSU Banks and commanding good reputation in the public but in private organisation they pay you little from what you give to them. Now a days students is becoming like GOD to whom first you pay( Chadhawa ) then ask for work( pay / result) but in reality you( labour)will have to work( to provide result by proving worth) and then ask for pay.Who prove their worth get better chances and who expect much become disappointed. I have seen much dissatisfaction among the students of prestigious colleges as they do not get what they expect. It is not the reputation of college, it is you to prove your worth in any private sector. Past salary gives opportunity to negotiate for higher CTC. Now in Bank they are not going to select any student from campus and all will be at par and will have to clear selection process.

    1. First of all I respect your views but I regret to say that You have to widen your scope about Electrical Engineers. FYI Electrical engineers are also programming geeks and they are doing good in software industry. Did u heard Of ADOBE, most of the software developer are electrical engineers there, so just widen your scope about electrical engineers and don’t talk like 40 year old people.
      I didn’t joined bank for CTC, I thought that they are so qualified intellectuals so they will have some good work for IITians but the work is not up to that extent. I remember one day a Scale 3rd retired manager came to me and said “Beta tum yaha kya kar rahe ho . Bank ko to bas 10th pass chahiye”. These were the exact words of him. So tell me If a former bank employee will say that how can I work in such a situation.
      And You have seen Many clerks becoming ED, So my friend when we were hired we have been told that you will become GM in just 21 years, So presently my age is 23 and after 21 years I will be 44 years old. Then what is the point. In software You can do marvelous work in 21 years.
      I have many examples by which I can prove that Bank Job is not worth for Qualified technical people. I worked for 7 months there and I know each and every aspect of it.

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