A Book Search Engine in Nodejs

So here it is a result of my learning nodejs and express framework. Journey for this started from my thing about books. I am fond of novels and so I thought let’s build a search engine for books where I can see at what price they are on various merchant websites. I thought this can be good for my learning nodejs. So I learnt nodejs and learnt how express framework works with node. I learnt the request response chain in nodejs and it was a nice experience for me. I have used isbndb.com for isbn database and fetched everything from that and I have also used google book api a lil bit. Sometimes this book search engine will not function because of isbndb.com (They have a problem of handling multiple request at the same time). But don’t worry reload it… 😉 I have hosted this engine on appfog as it is a nice hosting for nodejs. The site is live at here … If you are interested in how this functions then feel free to look at the code on github. The github repo link is Github.

Feel Free to use it and modify it to fit your needs.

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