Myself Tarun Chaudhary … A graduate from IIT Rajasthan ..

I am very much passionate about web applications and a JavaScript fan. Curious about new technologies over the web and Hate IE. A romantic poet by chance. If you want to read my poems visit my poems blog. I think like a pessimist because I believe that always be prepared for the worst case.

So here you will find my views about my life, new technologies over the web, competitions, apps I developed and some tutorials about problems related to web. Comments and suggestions are welcome. If you are not in agreement with my views, you are welcome to state your own so that we can discuss over the issue.

Now something about life, I advice you to follow your heart. Whatever your college, degree, branch is, do what you want to do. Don’t join rats in a rat race, be like a cat so that all rats must be afraid of you. Do something different so that everyone should admire and follow you.

Want to know more about me visit my webpage. So good luck and I will feel very much touched if my views or post helped you. Keep coding and be a geek … 🙂

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