Ember.js Real Time Tweet Search Engine

One Day I was wondering about accessing thoughts of various people on a particular subject, So in order to do that I have to access a hub on which millions of people share their thoughts and twitter is the one which can fulfill my purpose. Recently I was learning Ember.js and playing with twitter API. So I thought about making a tweet search engine which can search tweets on the basis of keyword provided. Now I got stuck on how to fetch real time tweets (Tweets which are posted at the same time when I hit the search button), So i got an idea of updating it time after time thereby making it a real time tweet search engine… 🙂

I have coded this search engine in Ember.js and used twitter Api to fetch tweets. My Feelings about ember.js are somewhat like what we cal AWESOME.. 🙂 Here I hosted this search engine on http://tweetsearch.site90.com . Have a look and the disadvantage related to this is that it is not FULLY optimised and it hangs when the list contains millions of tweets… So I am working on that and will update this really soon.
See this search engine on my github account https://github.com/tarun29061990/Tweet_Search.git . . 🙂
Feel Free to use it and make the most of it.. 🙂

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